Ever wondered about your doodles? About  their significance? Well doodling is not just a time pass. It is a representation of what your brain thinks.If you are looking at anyone’s drawings, you can figure out their personality inclination and desires. Turns out what you draw  could be reflective of certain personality traits. The thing is we all doodle. Let see what the flowers , stars, hearts, eyes,  landscapes or geometric shapes and many others tells about our personality!

Check what yours says about you:





Flowers tend to be a female thing. Represent our feminine side, the nature. People who doodle flowers tend to be sentimental people. They value the family, the good memories and have a warm heart! 


Stars indicate a feeling of hopefulness and optimism. People who draw stars have romantic personality, also тhey tend to be very  ambitious. If you’ve drawn one big embellished star, you’ve got a definite goal in your sights.


The expression on a doodled face is good indication of the mood or character of the person who has drawn it. A  gorgeous face proposes you see the positive qualities in others. On the off chance that you portray  ugly faces, you are skeptical and mistrustful in nature. Comic faces means you want  be the focus  of attention.


Ambitiious, goals, ambitious. Ambitious and goals.Drawing an arrow means that you have clear view for achieving a particular goal, the sharper the arrow the more important goal. Backwards arrows  mean you are wanting something that used to be, something that happened in the past something u didn't achived truly.


This common doodle indicates a need for security.Represent the doodler's attitude toward his or her home life. If you doodling pictures of houses, you probably place a high value on shelter and security. If you draw a plain house that has no doors, windows,  you are very likely to be gloomy about something in your life and you feel lonley. If you have drawn a big house, garden around it, you are likely to be happy or matrealistic


Circles represent a need to find unity and peace. It can also indicate a strong intuitive sense that things are coming together to form a whole, whether that refers to relationships, or life in general . They’re associated with feeling sociable, with a desire to be flexible and loving.


Drawing a square indicates you want control of a situation , that you are thinking through a problem.You want control of a situation and are trying to work out a problem. You are liberal and open thinking. You tend to observe all angles of a particular situation. If your squares progress to a cube or box, you’re likely to be a very efficient, analytical person who can deal with difficult situations in your life.


Doodles are like fragments of a map that show how someone’s mind works.


Next time you doodle something take the paper with you-because you just might be revealing all of your secrets :) 


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