Summer is the season in which we see mostly sunshine all around and the sunny days are the longest. Although we think that summer is the perfect time of year for making beautiful pictures, the reality is quite different. High temperatures, shadows and high contrast at this time of the year distract you from making desired photos.

That is why, here are some quick tips how make the best photos this summer:

Change your latitude

The biggest pitfall of amateur photographers is that you always capture the same position, from eye level. We advise you to get out of your comfort zone, to experiment with the height and width or if you shooting lower child for example, down to his level to get more successful photos.

Play with shadows

Because light can be a great enemy of the photos and shadows, we advise you to always hold the camera against the sun or the light always to comes behind the appliance.

Install photo apps

No matter if you shooth with a good camera or your smartphone has an excellent camera, when you need to sort photos, arranging photo applications are an excellent choice. You can increase the contrast or brightness boost too simple manner without great effort expended.

The Power of Flowers

We advise the target of making good pictures this summer to be the flower gardens. They at this time of year are very photogenic because of the different  contrasts. Use a zoom lens to capture close up or macro lens for great photos.

Golden hour

Before sundown in the world rules "golden ligtt". The light at sunset is much warmer compared to light early in the morning because then the sun is higher. At sunrise or sunset, use a telephoto lens or "telezoom" in order to capture the size of the orb of the sun - or better yet 200mm 300mm, 400mm or 500mm.


Now it's up to you to create the most successful photographs from the summer and then turn them into a personalized photo book keeping your lovelt memories there forever.


Since every memory is a story, create the best for the high school days, which keep coming back in timeless photo book to you.

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