Spending quality time with your children is a huge factor for their educational success - and you can help your children to develop their creative muscles by putting together one of these interactive project ideas from KARMAPIX.

Create photo books where your child is the main protagonist. Let them develop their creativity and with your help create a photo book in which they will be the star.

1. Photo book - "little precious moments"

Celebrate all the precious moments of the days spent with your little ones. Fill the pages of the photo book "Little precious moments" with interesting pictures and texts that reflect your child's character. Make your child think about which pictures he would like to put or take new ones with super interesting photos.

* Tips for creativity

- Capture photos of your children getting messy with paint,  photos in various unusual poses, or stirring cupcake batter in the kitchen.

- Snap pictures of the final product so you can see the entire creative process in action.

- Include them in the project by adding text and writing short sentences. What you can include in the project are some of their funny quotes or moments.

2. Learning the alphabet in a new way

You can teach your children the alphabet with their photo book in letters. Spend time together to complete the page of each letter. The Photo Book "ABC" allows them to learn the alphabet in a different and more fun way through your photos that are part of the content of the coloring book. With this personalized photo book and coloring book, you can take pictures, have fun, and learn together with your children.

3.My first piece of art 123

1 ... 2… 3… 5… 8… 10 ... 11 ...! Is that how your kid counts? Let your little ones test their skills by creating a personalized book with numbers. Help your kids to learn numbers through pictures and fun. Learning numbers can be fun. By creating the photo book "My first piece of art 123" you create a personalized photo book that will provide a superb education for your child.

Create a personalized photo book on https://karmapix.com where you can put your child's favorite smiling photos. Create the perfect photo book in less than 10 minutes.

Have fun and learn with your children!


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