A very important event is coming soon – your prom night. There is no need for worries how to look like, what to wear, who to go with.... because your only job on the prom night is to have the best time of your life. But of course you have to look great, just don’t waste the entire time worrying about that.

Here are some quick tips how to shine at your best and have a blast ;-) 

Arrive 15 minutes early

You will want to be relaxed and ready for the photo shooting at the entrance. Allow yourself a sufficient time for a quick consult with the photographer. They'd surely like to share with you some useful tips how to look like a pro, best shooting poses and styles, so you could get the most successful graduation photos.

Wear clothing that reflects your personality.

Everybody is trying to be unique that nigjht. That's why are suggesting a few things you should pay attention to,  such as:

• Avoid white and too bright clothing

• Medium and dark colors look best on camera and give an upscale appeal

• Stripes and logos on your clothes, though are so IN, still will distract the camera focus from you. And that's not what you want to achieve, as you need to be in the spotlight, always.

• Boys don’t forget your suit at home or in the car, because you will look much better and stylish in the photos.


Make the hairstyle that defines you the most.

This day is not intended for experiments on your hairstyle, because if you do not feel comfortable it will be an obstacle for a nice pass on this important night. If you decide to make a new hairstyle, let's not deviate drastically from your present hairstyle and keep in mind to try it previously at least once, to make sure it will look good on you.


Choose the makeup that you usually wear.

To get the perfect look, there is no room for drastic difference, so we are recommending you a daily makeup that will bring fresh and natural look on you. Natural makeup has the greatest tendency for you to feel the most beautiful on all photos. Use little stone powder to cover the shiny parts of your face and concealer that will illuminate the darker areas of your face. For your nails use nail polish with bride shades.

Boys shave your beard.

Shaved beard will help to have more fresh and youthful appearance, but do it early in morning so you can avoid something unexpected. Though hipster look was in, still your natural look is definately cool. As it is in your nature not to give too much importance about the appearance, or at least it seems like it, still make sure your hair is neat just before the shooting. Girls just love neat hear to go through their fingers when dancing with you.


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