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ABOUT US                         

Our team at KARMAPIX had the fate of being brought together to share our ideas with the world. We are a group of young individuals from different backgrounds with the same aim to share our creativity with the millennial generation. The combination of various backgrounds and traditions has allowed us to inspire products that are unique, innovative, functional and accessible to anyone. And each product tells a story of its own.

Furthermore, we believe that the products you would individually develop on www.karmapix.com should allow you to add your own personal touch to any creation. With our wide selection of products, we aim to bring happiness to your everyday lives by giving you an opportunity to get inspired, build your own masterpieces and share them with your loved ones. Whether it’s a memory book, inspirational calendar or a travel journal, it’s a book that tells your own story in a way you choose to create it.

Creativity knows no limit so release your inner creator! 



Our mission is to turn your imagination into reality. We strive to create new designs that will allow you to make your own customized products and celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, friendship, family, business achievements and much more. We are committed to offering you products of the highest quality and delivering them to your doorstep.

Our further aspirations are to create an open community of young designers and creators and give them an opportunity to express their individuality through our products. We welcome originality anywhere it comes from and we are dedicated to making a positive difference by engaging the organization and its customers to achieve the highest quality, customer care and respect.

Moreover, our values extend to the local community and the natural environment. We believe in customer care by producing environmentally friendly products and we stand firmly behind the principles of the ISO Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) and the Forest Stewardship Council (CoC certification).