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Refunds and Returns Policy

The Refunds and Returns Policy defines Karmapix’s terms and conditions for sale of products and services via the e-shop (online store) orders.karmapix.com as well as the ability to claim damaged goods or substandard service, solely for those products and services ordered and paid through the website, orders.karmapix.com

We would like to emphasize that all prices indicated on Karmapix’s e-shop (online store) are final on the day of the order, expressed in MKD not including the value added tax (VAT). The VAT is supplementary calculated and indicated for all orders made on and intended for the territory of R. Macedonia.

BATO & DIVAJN operates in accordance with defined internal procedures certified according to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and FSC, as well as carefully selected partners, in order to meet the expected level of quality, fulfillment of clients’ requirements, their utter satisfaction and continual environmental protection.

By agreeing to the terms and policies, the buyer accepts Karmapix’s conditions, in which order terms, product specification, characteristics of quality, as well as mutual rights and obligations are defined. Beside the agreement, the buyer has all the rights laid down by the Law on Consumer Protection of R. Macedonia.

Karmapix also receives and treats information and complaints from buyers for any possible problems that may occur associated with the delivery or deficiencies of the delivered products and services. All such information or complaints should be submitted to BATO & DIVAJN in written form to the company’s address and/or company’s e-mail, by using the contact form on the website.

By аgreeing to the conditions prior to the delivery of the products, Karmapix is obligated to produce intact, original and high quality products in a defined delivery time. Afterwards, Karmapix is obligated to consider any information or complaints received by the buyer and determine if there is an argumentative justification for the claimed deviation from the agreed characteristics of quality or delivery interval, in case the buyer had not caused them and/or have occurred due to mistreatment by the buyer.

A commission comprised of members from both parties conveys the claim review. If the claim review determines that there was an unconformity, then the claimed product will be replaced or there will be a refund of means. Written buyer’s complaints are acceptable for a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of delivery.

In case of delivery of products for which it has been determined that they do not meet the specified characteristics of quality, the buyer can request a replacement or refund, by submitting a written request addressed to the company, via the contact information on our website or by post. In case of replacement of the supplied product, the buyer is obliged of keeping the goods intact, unused, in their original packaging, along with all accompanying documents confirming the delivery, in which cases Karmapix will carry on the cost for the goods pick up from the buyers premises.

BATO & DIVAJN retains the right to amend the Refunds and Returns Policy which is available on the website www.orders.karmapix.com. All revisions and/or changed in the policy are to be included in the document and come into force the moment they are published on www.orders.karmapix.com. We suggest you revisit this section of the website in case some changes should be made to it.