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Our recommendation to all users is to upload photos with a minimum resolution of 200dpi if possible.

Recommended size in pixels relative to the chosen format dimension (mm):

  • 1650x1650 px FOR 150x150; 180x180; 200x200
  • 850x850 px FOR 100x100; 68x100
  • 2250x1650 px FOR 280x200; 200x140; 170x120

Karmapix would also like to inform you that photos uploaded from Facebook or Instagram are automatically compressed with a lower quality by the social network, and as such, they are uploaded on our website.

1. Register:

After you create your personal customer profile, you can start creating and designing your photoproducts! Your personal information, projects, payments / collections and the history of orders can be found under the menu "My Profile".


2. Upload Photos:

You can upload photos from your device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.) or download them from your Facebook or Instagram accounts and use them as part of your personalized photo project on www.karmapix.com! You can also save your work and return to complete the started project later, by logging in on the "My Projects" section.

3. Customize:

Choose from our wide selection of photo products and start creating! Select your product preferences (eg. Size, cover, number of pages etc.) Add your photos and desired style and start designing your one of a kind photoproduct.

4. Order:

We take over from here! With just a click your order will start preparing. During the entire process of delivery, you can track the status of its completion by accessing your user profile via the website orders.karmapix.com

5. Delivery:

Get your finalized order delivered to your doorstep. With a blink of an eye, it's already there. Although in some cases the date of delivery depends on the method of transport you choose, and the time needed to create your customized product. You will be certainly informed of the details on www.karmapix.com