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Once you select the product the steps are the folowing:


If you have already created your profile, then click "Login" to access your account with your personal access data


1. Click on the button “Register Now” and follow the steps on the screen.

2. Enter your name, last name, email address, and password.

3. Click on the button “Sign Up”

4. Once you have filled out the registration form, you will receive an email from Karmapix, confirming your user profile.

5. Have fun!


1. Start by selecting a product to personalize from one of our many categories (ex: Photobook, notebook, playing cards, etc.).

2. Follow the simple steps and select your size, design, and color preference.

3. Once you define the characteristics of the selected product, click the button "Customize".

4.  Choose the option “Upload Photos” and add the photos you want to use. You can upload photos from your device (mobile phone, PC, tablet) or by taking photos of your profiles on Facebook or Instragram. It is advisable to follow the specified parameters for quality and resolution of the photos, because your product, will be made without interventions in the pictures that you have set in your photo product.

5.  Edit the photos you wish to include by clicking on options “Crop”, “Arrange”, “Edit”, “Move”, “Realign”, and many more.

6.  Proceed to add text, move photos around, reorder pages, additional elements, move pictures in different ways, placement of the photos and many other options that will help you create unique final product.

7.  Select the “Preview” button and view the product that you have created.

8.  Once you have finalized your preferences, click on the button “Make this Product”.

9.  You did it! Now you can move on to the technical details of the order and its delivery.

Note: If you start personalizing a product and don’t have time to complete it, you can save your work and return to work on it later on your Karma personal profile in our “My Projects” page.


1. Once you finish making the product and switch to order by clicking on the button "ORDER", you will once again be reminded of all the recommended modifications,additions or corrections, which are necessary to do before passing the product under development. Once you confirm and / or make the required changes you will immediately switch to the next step.

2. At any time before ordering you can click "Preview" and see your work, share it with your friends so that they can enjoy your created photo story. You can share the electronic copy of the photo on: e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other ways.

3. Choose the quantity of the product you want to design.

4. Then enter details of the person receiving the shipment and the person who realizes the payment. Payment can be made by credit / credit card with the security system for online payments cPay (Casys) and Stopanska Banka AD Skopje. Possible types of credit cards for the realization of payment are: Visa, MasterCard, Diners. The Bank processes the transaction in denars (MKD). If your payment is made in another currency, you will get your report from the bank, and the conversion will be displayed in your local currency.

5. If you have a voucher for a discount or a gift card at a discount, now is the time to use it by entering the code in the specified fields before switching to charge.

6. The information of the amount of your order is available in any time in your chosen currency.

7. By clicking on the button "CONFIRM ORDER" you will be taken to the security website cPay (Casys). There you can enter data for your payment card and thus complete the transaction. You will instantly receive a response from cPay (Casys) about the status of your transaction and then automatically return to karmapix.com.

8. Once your order is confirmed you will immediately receive an email message on the email that you have provided with all the details of your order.

9. At any time by accessing your account via your user profile in orders.karmapix.com you can access your made orders and their status of processing.

10. You can also re-order the product, duplicate it, edit and re-order, share it with your friends and literally do anything you want within the options available in your user profile.



1. Choose your product, design and size preference

Choose your product, design and size preference. Click “Start Project” to begin creating your customized product from scratch. Sign in or register in order to use the program. Keep in mind that you must login in if you wish to save your projects.

2. Upload your photos

Select the photos that you wish to use and click on the “+” icon to upload them to your project. The blue progress bar specifies that your photos are loading, while the green progress bar ensures that your photos have been successfully uploaded. </>

On the left hand side, you will see a picture tray with all of your successfully uploaded photos. You can then proceed to start using them in your project.

You can attach photos from your device, Facebook and Instagram

3. Select photo preferences

Once you have selected a photo that you wish to use, drag and drop your photo into the picture box. From there, you can choose to have your photo solely in the picture box, spread out as one large image by using the option “Fit” on the menu bar or as a background image.

4. Crop, rotate and resize your photos

On the Menu bar, you will see options such as “Crop”, “Resize”, and “Rotate”.

“Crop” button – Crop your photo by dragging the image within the image box pop up.

“Resize” button – Drag the resize handles around the photo in order to resize it to your preference.

“Rotate” button – Select your photo and use the option “orientation” to rotate it at a preferred degree.

Predefined layout – Choose from our wide selection of layouts from the option “Layout” on the Menu Bar.











5. Edit your photos

You can edit your photos by clicking on any picture box and selecting the option “enhance”. Further enrich your photos by choosing from our selection of enhancement features: shadow, border, opacity, sepia, black & white, etc. Keep in mind that in order to use the “enhance” feature, your photo must be fully uploaded.

6. Delete photos

Select the option “picture tray” to see all the photos that you have successfully uploaded. Should you wish to remove a photo, select the image and click on the icon “delete”. If you wish to remove multiple images, hold Ctrl/Cmd, select the images and click on the icon “delete”.

7. Change backgrounds, styles and masks

Select your choice of backgrounds by clicking on the option “Background” on the Menu Bar. You can also use your own images as backgrounds.

Drag and drop your preferred layout to the product and adjust it according to your specifications.

Add a mask by dragging it onto the picture. Make sure that the photo is inserted into the picture box; otherwise the picture box will turn out empty.

If you want to enrich your photo product, choose the option “Scrapbook items” from the main menu and just drag and drop fun and decorative visual elements. You can always add visual elements of your choice.

8. Insert text/picture box

Insert text and picture boxes by selecting options “Add Text Box” and “Add Picture Box” on the Menu Bar. Make sure all text and picture boxes are properly filed and the empty boxes are deleted in order to prevent error messages upon selecting the “Order” option.

9. Select the option “Order”

Upon completing your product, click on the icon “Order”. A new browser will appear, directing you to the online order page.

10. Complete the payment process

Firstly, fill in the required quantity. Secondly, confirm shipping and billing details and select a shipping method. Go over your order and make sure that you have entered all the necessary information. If you have a discount code, add it in and click on the option ‘REDEEM’.

Lastly, click on the option “Confirm Order” and complete the payment process. Upon completion, you will receive an email confirmation enclosing your order number and order details.


1. First, you select the product you would like to order and is on sale or offered via a special deal.

2. After you personalize your product with your photos and messages you add it to the shopping basket.

3. Then you proceed and fill in your order details (billing/shipping addresses).

4. Afterward, you are automatically taken to the order summary section. There in the VOUCHER CODE area you enter the voucher discount code. The discount or special deal are automatically applied to your order once you click on the REDEEM button in this section of the website.


5. Now you can proceed and pay for your order and expect it delivered within 3-4 business days on the desired address!


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