They say the small things in life are the most precious. They are the ones that make you smile and think how great life is. Your life is filled with moments you wish you could re-live over and over again. We took the time to remind you of some of them:




  1. That moment when you travel to your favorite country.

  2. That moment when you face a situation you had feared for a long time.
  3. That moment when your crush tells you they like you and you can’t stop smiling.
  4. That moment when you meet a new friend.
  5. That moment when you receive your first paycheck.
  6. That moment when you start driving without parental supervision.
  7. That moment when your head hits the pillow after a very productive day at work.
  8. That moment when you hold a baby in your hands and melt with affection.
  9. That moment when you decide to act after being quiet and patient for a longer period of time.
  10. That moment when you realize how much the people around you love you.
  11. That moment when you have a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend and immediately feel that you got even closer to them.
  12. That moment when your favorite team wins.
  13. That moment when you manage to smile even after having a horrible day.
  14. That moment when your favorite song comes on the radio.
  15. That moment when you give up on something or someone that had you feeling trapped and the freedom you are overcome with.
  16. That moment you bring great joy to your family.
  17. That moment when your friends do something really sweet for you and remind you how they will always be by your side.
  18. That moment when you go to the beach, feel the sand between your toes and listen to the sound of the waves.
  19. That moment you finish a great book and inspiration strikes.
  20. That moment in silence when you think “life is good”.



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Enjoy and have fun!