Highly sensitive or oversensitive individuals are those whose senses are heightened to recognize lively colors, sharp smells, and pervasive sounds and above all, strong emotional perceptions that others fail to notice. Their deep insights are sometimes a blessing, but other times, they can be a curse. It’s true that every individual is sensitive to a point but highly sensitive individuals are faced with intense emotional experiences that can sometimes affect their judgment, social life, work and relationships. 

It is unknown as to why some individuals are oversensitive and others aren’t. All evidence points to the fact that they are simply born that way. Some are creative and choose to express their “power” and others simply pull back because they don’t feel comfortable in certain situations.

If you are a highly sensitive individual, then you possess these 10 different types of “superpowers”:


  1. You notice things others may fail to notice.

  2. You can’t stand bright lights or extremely noisy environments.

  3. You can be alone for hours or days and not feel lonely.

  4. You get scared easily (which is also why you avoid horror movies).

  5. You take forever to make a decision.

  6. You are highly compassionate and absorb everyone’s emotions.

  7. You are very polite.

  8. You have a creative job or hobbies.

  9. You have a hard time saying no to people.

  10. You have a strong intuition that is always spot on.



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Enjoy and have fun!