Karma is defined as a person’s “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause”. Just as good karma can generate happiness, bad karma can attract several types of unneeded burdens into our lives. In order to break the cycle, here are 5 ways in which you can “karma cleanse”:



1. Be positive: The more positive energy you spread, the more it will come back to you. Even when things go wrong, keep your head held high. If you continue to tip-toe through life waiting for bad things to happen, you’ll miss out on all the good things that are around you.


2. Be determined: The key to success is learning from your mistakes. Failure is just a bump in the road and it is important not to let your mistakes become dead ends. Get up, dust yourself off and keep reaching for success.


3. Be forgiving: You’ve heard the saying “don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”  We can’t always know the reasons for someone’s behavior. Simply turn the other cheek, rise above the pettiness and don’t let anyone get you down.


4. Be patient: They say good things come to those who wait, however, you can’t expect good things to just fall into your lap. Good things will come to those who work hard and strive to succeed.


5. Be kind: Make someone smile with a simple act of kindness. Instead of looking to receive a reward for your actions, let your actions be your reward.