Have you ever caught yourself sitting in the dark scrolling through Facebook? Or tossing and turning for hours desperately trying to go to sleep?

Getting to sleep is an act that many people struggle with. Having a proper bedtime ritual teaches the brain to become familiar with your sleep/wake up cycle. We’ve written down a few ways in which you can program your brain and internal body clock to get used to nodding off at the right time:


  1. Try going to bed at the same time every night.

  2. Do some physical exercise during the day. Yoga can help relax your body and relieve you of any bodily aches that might keep you up at night.

  3. Avoid large meals before bedtime.

  4. Avoid consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes before bedtime.


  5. Limit caffeine intake. Skip that late evening cup of coffee.

  6. Take a nice warm bath before bedtime. It helps cool your body temperature and induces sleep.

  7. Keep your bedroom as cool as possible-but not too cool. As your body temperature starts to drop before you fall asleep; a cooler temperature helps it prompt sleepiness.

  8. Sprinkle lavender spray in your bedroom. The aroma in the lavender is thought to help put you in a relaxed state.

  9. Create a list of all problems or situations you are facing so that you can get them out of your head and focus on sleep.

  10. Turn off all bright lights and electronics before going to sleep (phone, tablet, computer screen, etc.)



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Enjoy and have fun!