In today’s business environment, many believe that spreading good karma means you are more likely to succeed in the long run. Karma is the idea that however we have acted up until now plays out in our modern world. The same is true in business.




Below are a few suggestions that can help you bring positive karmic energy to the workplace through simple acts of kindness:


  1. Remember your colleagues’ names and important events in their lives, such as birthdays.

  2. Lend a colleague a helping hand. They may return the favor next time you’re facing a busy work week. 

  3. Compliment a colleague on a job well done. They’ll appreciate that you took the effort to recognize their accomplishments.

  4. Show interest in what your colleagues have to say. Initiating connections can go a long way.

  5. Welcome a new colleague. It’s not easy starting a new job in a new environment so invite them to coffee or lunch and get to know them.

  6. Fulfill any promise that you have made and show that you are a team player. Collaboration goes a long way in long-term career success.

  7. Take responsibility for your actions. Admit when you have made a mistake and try to correct it without transferring the blame to someone else.

  8. Find time to get involved in charity events. Sharing even one hour with another individual can have a great impact on their lives and yours.

  9. If you are having a problem at work, rather than gossiping or complaining-find a solution. This can make a difference in how your colleagues see you.

  10. Most important: spread positive energy! Even a simple smile can brighten up someone’s day!



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Enjoy and have fun!