Productivity comes from a combination of well-thought-out planning and focused efforts. Staying productive at work and even at home can be a challenge; however, there are ways to fight through and stop procrastinating. By continuously improving your focus, your attitude will change and you will learn to manage your time better. 

Here are some simple ways in which you can improve productivity and get through your busy days:

1. Organize your workspace. Recycle old files, organize your office supplies, and delete old emails and so on.

2. Create to-do-lists and prioritize your tasks. This makes it much easier to refer to them while you are on the go and helps you not to lose focus.


3. Quit multitasking. Make it a habit to complete one task before moving on to another.

4. Cut down on unnecessary meetings. Before booking your next meeting, ask yourself whether you can accomplish the same goals via e-mail or phone. 

5. Turn off all unnecessary distractions. Checking your Facebook page or LinkedIn page every 20 minutes can be a huge distraction when you are working within a deadline.

6. Seek help from other colleagues when taking on large tasks in order to reach the best deliverable.



7. Take breaks and stretch your legs around the office. Studies show that taking short breaks during long tasks can help you maintain a constant level of performance.

8. Stay hydrated. This might sound strange but increasing your water intake can make a difference. Try it out and you’ll notice a huge change in your energy levels.

9. Take advantage of your commute. Use the time to respond to emails, read through necessary documents, or even do some brainstorming.

10. Stop reading other people’s success stories. CREATE YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY! 


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